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ZetaBox is your IT partner that helps you resolve your software development challenges. Reduce your development costs by up to 60% compared to your local rates.

We provide you with a team of qualified project managers, designers, developers, testers, and integrators to help you bring your ideas to reality or to reinforce your IT teams.

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Digital Product Strategy

Create a roadmap for your software development project
  • Our product owners will start by understanding the idea, analyse the expected user behaviour to enumerate the functionalities of the software application.
  • Then our technical experts will estimate the needed workload and advise the best technologies.
  • After that our product owners will prioritize the development tasks based on the added business value of each group of features.
  • As a result, you will have a detailed software project roadmap that will be your reference to efficiently outsource the development of your software project.
  • This service is more elaborated if combined with our UX/UI Design service.

UX/UI Design

Create an ergonomic design for your Software Product
  • At ZetaBox, our team of experienced designers specializes in creating intuitive, user-centric interfaces through expert UX/UI design services, ensuring that the final product is not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate and use.
  • Our UX Designers will start by understanding your web and mobile application purpose, then, in collaboration with skilled researchers, will come up with a trendy design that fit and align with your brand.
  • Next will be the wireframing and prototyping phase, to get a visual presentation of your Digital Product.
  • After a couple of Design iterations, our UX Designers will create a prototype that you can interact with and simulate like a real-end software product to test all the product functionalities.

Software Product Development

Create Web and Mobile applications
  • ZetaBox offers full-cycle software development services, taking your project from the initial concept through to delivery and beyond, including requirement documentation, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance:
  • Our Technical Experts will transform your idea into a digital product in short period with a minimum budget.
  • Our project managers, designers, developers, testers, and integrators are familiar with cutting-edge frameworks, tools, and technologies that will align your software with the latest trends.
  • We use agile Scrum methodology to get faster results with iterative delivery for continuous improvements.
Software Product Development

On-demand IT consultants

Reinforce your teams with IT collaborators
  • ZetaBox is a team of skilled IT professionals. We provide our customers with technical assistance through our experienced collaborators for a daily rate.
  • Our business development manager will assist you in choosing the right project managers, designers, developers, testers, and integrators that fit your IT profiles search.
  • Once all the profiles are selected, you can start managing your qualified team to boost your software development progress with a minimum budget.
On demand IT consultants